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It’s about loving care, it’s about giving back and valuing the community, preserving their culture, paying homage to their unique Alentejo nature. It’s about valuing self-love, self-care, facilitating holistic healing, bringing back body, mind and spirit to balance and harmony. It’s about a sensorial journey to self-knowledge and a world of wellbeing, where stress will surely stay outside.

Welcome to Aura Spa!

House Specialities

Spa in Comporta

Our House Specialities are a tribute to the excellent natural ingredients of the Alentejo coastal region. You will live a unique Spa experience.

Rice Powder

115 min 185€

One of the most precious ingredients of our plains, carefully prepared in a unique sensorial experience. An ancient oriental beauty secret, rice is known for its antioxidant, repairing and rejuvenating properties.

Start this moment with a delicate exfoliation with rice powder and oatmeal, spiced with floral scents of Ylang Ylang, relax with a wrap and massage with shea butter and essential oils. A moisturizing facial treatment finishes this moment of deep tranquility.

Feet in the sand

85 min 140€

Beach sand and hot (basalt) and cold (marble) stones set the tone for this Spa treatment inspired by the Sea. You can opt for the most comfortable and warm version with a foot scrub with scented beach sand and relaxing massage with heated basalt volcanic stones, or, if you like to experience the strong sensations of massage with cold marble stones, the result will always be surprising.

Salt flower

85 min 150€

Indulge yourself in the precise care of an invigorating body exfoliation with the purest sea salt from Alcácer do Sal, organic olive oil from our Alentejo and a synergy of countryside essential oils. This is followed by an energizing massage with dynamic stretches to leave you full of energy.

Southwest winds

115 min 170€

Enter a sensory journey through Arabian lands, experience the repairing and moisturizing powers of an exclusive body and face exfoliation with ghassoul clay and spices and feel the deep and precise touch of heated herbal pindas moving through your body. To finish, an oriental head massage will restore your inner balance.

Energetic Therapies

Spa in Comporta

The mastery of the hands, combined with ancient energy therapies, will restore the inner balance, allowing holistic healing to take place.

Power of Sound

55 min 85€

A journey of pure relaxation with the unique sound and vibration of Tibetan therapeutic bowls, carefully placed on your body, bye bye stress.

Rising Sun (Shiatsu)

55 min 100€

For those who like strong emotions, this dry energy acupressure massage original fromJapan, promotes the free flow of energy and an immense well being.

Sindhu Massage (Ayurvedic)

75 min 115€

A speciality within the traditional Ayurvedic massages, the soft and fluid touch of the marma points, combined with pure oils from India, are a perfect combination for your body, mind and soul.

Signature Aura Massages

Spa in Comporta

Much more than a massage, Aura massages condense the best synergies of aromatherapy and therapeutic techniques. Find yourself again. Rebalance yourself. Reconstruct yourself. It’s all in you! We only help.

Tranquil Soul

25 min 55€
50 min 90€
80 min 115€

Deep relaxation from tiptoe to head is our promise. A dance of techniques wisely seasoned with essential oils, will restore the inner peace you deserve.

Energy Shot

25 min 65€
50 min 100€
80 min 125€

Ready, set go! The stimulating power of Lemon, Rosemary and Eucalyptus in an energising massage with foot reflexology.

Sport Addict

25 min 70€
50 min 110€
80 min 135€

A therapeutic massage with essential plant oils, marine magnesium and dynamic stretching with bamboos, will leave you ready to face all battles!

Only We Both Know (Couples)

85 min 240€

Celebrate Love today! Share the immersion of a moment for two, delight yourself with the exfoliation Ritual and Podal Reflexology. Then travel into the world of relaxation with the slow, deep gestures of an exotic lomi lomi massage, seasoned with cocoa butter and essential oils.

All In Family

30 min 100€

Two relaxing aromatherapy massages for you and your child, that’s all it takes to make you happy! (child over 7 years old).

Super Mum

75 min 115€

The special and deserved care adapted to all stages of pregnancy and post-partum, with a draining therapeutic massage and a nourishing facial treatment for the best mother in the world.

Face and Body Care

Spa in Comporta

All Faces, all Bodies with the best ingredients for your skin, natural, without chemicals, because the most important thing is to feel good and full. Time to shine!

Super Skin In One Minute

30 min 60€

A condensed facial, the best of hydrating ingredients for your skin in record time.

Super Skin For All

60 min 100€

A super Facial, with super hydrating, protective and regenerating ingredients in perfect harmony for you. A foot and hand care is always included.Isn’t it great?

Face Up (House’s Special)

25 min 50€

A powerful cleansing and facial massage with essential plant oils and your skin reveals itself. Ready to train your face?

Total Detox

75 min 135€

Get back in shape, feel the detoxifying heat of a seaweed wrap with thermal blanket and active liporeducing principles and after a localized massage, feel and see the difference.

My Body

50 min 110€

Take care of your silhouette with a vigorous liporeducing massage, enriched with essentialplant oils and to drain and slim your body. Lightness guaranteed!

Nature’s Simphony (Body Scrub)

30 min 70€

From our organic garden to your skin, a truly aromatic and sensorial experience not to be missed! Ideal to complement with our signature massages.

Wellness and Fitness

Spa in Comporta


60 min 85€

Osteopathy or osteopathic medicine is a manual medicine, an autonomous and independent system of diagnosis and therapeutic intervention, which promotes the relief and treatment of structural and functional problems of the human being, including the mental and emotional state of the person in order to achieve a balanced state of health and well-being.


60 min – Individual session 85€
Duo Session (2 people) 120€
Group Lessons 25€

Yoga originated 5,000 years ago in India as a physical and spiritual discipline. It is a practice which involves wellbeing on all levels: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. This practice consists of the union of body and mind with what is around us.

Personal Training

60 min – Individual Session 85€
Duo Session (2 Persons) 120€

It is an integrated process of physical exercise which aims to offer a totally individualised approach to the client, seeking to obtain specific results and objectives, such as: weight loss, improved mobility and flexibility, improved posture, toning and muscle mass increase, prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, among others.


45 min – Individual session 70€
Duo Session (2 people) 110€
Group Lessons 22€

First called “contrology”, Pilates is a type of physical activity that seeks to control the body’s muscles, strengthening the musculature and improving its tone, as well as giving the body greater flexibility.