Now there’s a Blind Table in every Independente restaurant.
You can now make a reservation to a very special table in all our restaurants, the Blind Table.

Why is it special?
For three main reasons:

You never know who you’re going to meet

If you want to meet new people, you just found the right experience.

The Blind Table exists mainly for strangers to become friends.

If you are only one person, two friends,  or even a couple, you can book the Blind Table and have fun with people you have never met before.

You never know what you’re gonna eat

Yes, you’ll be in the dark about food as well.

We will have special offers for this table, carefully chosen by our Chefs.

The first drink is on us

First impressions count, we know. But everything is better with a free beverage.

To break the ice, in the Blind Table nobody pays for the first drink.

Make your reservation,
without any reservations